A degree in nursing imparts the knowledge and skills necessarily required for preparing the nurses, by giving them clinical decision making skills based on theory and research. As life- long learners, graduates are prepared to deliver quality health care for increasingly diverse populations. In nursing services, the nurse works with the members of allied disciplines such as dietetics, medical, social service, pharmacy etc. to ensure a comprehensive system of patient care in the hospitals & community.


The Post Basic B.Sc (N) programme is designed for the Candidates who have completed GNM programme and are interested in upgrading their knowledge, clinical training skills & standards required for practice of professional nursing & midwifery at a higher level.


The Master of Science in nursing is a self selected programme of study that develops the candidate’s thinking about practice and encourages them to explore different approaches and behavior, to help shape the future of nursing. It has been designed to upgrade standards of education, practice, research and leadership qualities. The candidates can develop a wide range of portfolio to suit their own career needs.
When nursing is viewed as a profession, these undergraduate & postgraduate programmes provide various job opportunities for the candidates and there are a wide range of employers who are waiting for suitable candidates after the completion of their respective course.

Course Career opportunities in Academics Career opportunities in Hospitals Other opportunities
Under Graduate programme
  • Basic B.Sc (N)
  • Post Basic B.Sc (N)
After completion of B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N) they can work in nursing educational institutions as
  • Assistant lecturer
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Nursing Tutor
  • As staff nurses/ Registered
  • Nurse & Midwife
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse Manager
  • Community/ public health nurse
  • School health nurse
  • Occupational Health nurse
  • Health assistant in various public & private sectors
Post graduate Programme
  • M.Sc (N)
After completion of M.Sc (N) they can work in nursing educational institutions as
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
  • Vice Principal
  • Principal of the college of nursing
  • Registered nurse
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Nurse educator
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Nursing Director
  • Research assistants in public & Private sectors
  • Nurse practitioner in rural areas
  • Counselor



  • Hospital
  • Educational Institution
  • Industries - Occupational health nurse
  • Health Assistant
  • Home Health agencies
  • Extended care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Public & Private Schools (National & International school )
  • Day care center
  • Various health care agency
  • Old age home
  • Hospice centre
  • Corporate company/ office

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